Improving the West End

As well as commenting on other people’s development proposals, we aim to be pro-active in raising issues we view as important: a current example arises from current discussions on the future of Byres Road.

Most developments are proposed by third parties, and generally represent a positive contribution to the West End – in the words of Glasgow City Development Plan they help “preserve or enhance the character of the Conservation Area”. In such cases there is no need to lodge any objection. However…


Planning Process

Much of our work is concerned with systematic monitoring of Planning Applications – where appropriate we may object that a proposal contravenes the Glasgow City Plan 2, or we may suggest ways in which an application might be amended to preserve or enhance the character of the area.

The various stages of a planning application passes are shown in our Life History of a Planning Application page.

Sometimes unsuitable work is undertaken without seeking the required planning permission first – if you suspect this is the case, please let us know right away.

And occasionally, a proposed development triggers an organised and often protracted campaign to stop it in its tracks, when we consider there are clear reasons under City Plan 2 to do so. In this kind of endeavour, we often collaborate with local residents – e.g. in the Save Otago Lane campaign. FGW’s technical contribution to the campaign was the Otago Lane Appraisal written in collaboration with MAST Architects.

If you are considering lodging an objection, FGW is always willing to advise.

Before work starts on-site, check our page on Construction Work, which gives important pointers.


Planning contacts – online

Concerned that unauthorised works are in progress or already completed?
Use Glasgow’s Enforcement Website

Planning contacts – by post

Address for Letters of Objection or Support:

Head of Planning
Development and Regeneration Services
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX


Address to Report Unauthorised Works:

Planning Enforcement Section
Development and Regeneration Services
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX