The aims of the Friends of Glasgow West are:

to promote and encourage the maintenance and improvement of the amenity of Glasgow West, and the protection and preservation of the landscape and historical and architectural heritage

In achieving this we aim to:

  • foster and extend knowledge of, and interest in, Glasgow West;
  • bring together individuals, community-based organisations, institutions and firms interested in Glasgow West;
  • organise meetings, lectures, seminars and exhibitions to further knowledge of Glasgow West;
  • secure the publication of books, journals, papers and articles to further knowledge of Glasgow West;
  • undertake any lawful activities in furtherance of┬áthese objectives.

For more information download the full FGW constitution.

Our Committee for 2013-2014 comprises

  • Ann Laird (Convener)
  • David Howat (Secretary)
  • Laura Barnett (Treasurer)
  • Helen Cameron (Vice Convener)
  • Eric Kay
  • Charlotte McEleney
  • Ian Mitchell
  • Marc Sutherland
  • and we have Audrey Gardner, as the AHSS representative.

FGW is a registered charity (SCO24748)