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Glasgow’s West End is the 2014 winner of the Academy of Urbanism’s “Great Neighbourhood Award”. It’s good to have confirmation of what we already knew – that this is THE place to live! FGW’s Ann Laird coordinated the session at Cottier’s which showed the Academicians just what a wide range of organisations we have, fostering a sense of community in our area – so perhaps we can be forgiven for basking in a bit of reflected glory!

Thanks to a grant award from the GCC Hillhead Area Committee, FGW mounted its inaugural Victorian Heritage Festival as part of the 2013 West End Festival.

The centrepiece was our Heritage Conference on the theme WINDOWS ON AN INDUSTRIAL PAST, weekend of 15/16 June.

The programme included:

Scotland’s Industrial Heritage (Dave Bates, SIHS) – an overview of the range of activity, starting with the founding of the Bonawe Iron Furnace in 1753

Maryhill Burgh Hall stained glass panels (Gordon Barr, MBHT) – their artistic and social significance

Design and Industry – Adam and Cottier (David Robertson, FACT) – some thought-provoking linkages including London as international shopwindow for Glasgow goods, and the influence of architectural practice on industrial design especially in shipbuilding

Scotland’s Canals (Sabina Strachan, Scottish Canals) – outlined current work in documentation and hopes for conservation work eg at Applecross Street

The Saracen Foundry (David Mitchell, Historic Scotland) – described the company’s origins and its influence world-wide

Turkey Red Dye Industry (Michael Meighan) – an examination of its importance for instance in calico printing

Water for Industry РLoch Katrine (Miles Oglethorp, HS) -  an explanation of the engineering genius of the Katrine project, and of its significance for industry

Glasgow Canal Shipbuilding and the Puffers (Bill Black) – an account of shipbuilding at canal locations in Maryhill, Hamiltonhill, Port Dundas and Blackhill, particularly the output of the Swan Family’s yard at Kelvin Dock (and how larger vessells were assembled at Bowling from sections fabricated in Maryhill)

Brick Industry in Scotland (Moses Jenkins, HS) – raising awareness of the beauty of many Victorian brick buildings now sadly lost, and explaining how many surprisingly prestigious buildings have only a stone front to a largely brick core)

Our speakers did us proud with their excellent presentations.

Saturday afternoon featured screenings of a number of Scottish Screen Archive films (thanks to Liam Paterson of the SSA); Sunday afternoon concluded with a boattrip to Speirs Wharf led by Guthrie Hutton (F&CCS).

It is hoped that this conference will be the first of a series.